After dark, Dublin wakes up to a vibrant nightlife. The Irish capital has a range of offerings for those who want to have loads of fun after sunset. They, of course, include the popular LGBTI bars and clubs in the city. Such places have a warm and gay-friendly atmosphere with a range of choices in music and events. Anyone can walk into most of the bars in Dublin as Ireland is a highly tolerant society today. 

So, for the ones belonging to the LGBTI community, this city can be the best place for an exciting nightlife. One of the favorite hotspots in the city for such individuals is Temple Bar gay district. Another great choice would be the Old Town, which is also closer to all the top after-dark attractions. 

Most of the lesbians, gays, bisexuals, transgenders, and intersexes mingle in bars and clubs at these places. However, many of the popular bars catering to this community is located at the Temple Bar area. Some exciting events are also hosted every weekend in these clubs and bars.

Popular nightlife events

Members of the LGBTI community can look forward to some great entertainment in these bars and clubs. The events hosted regularly in them are the real crowd-pullers. Some of them are:

1. Drag shows

These are the shows that feature performers dressed in costumes of the opposite sex. Such individuals either sing or lip-sync to songs along with a pre-planned dance performance. Drag shows usually involve some comedy, interactions with the audience, and skits. 

Performers in these drag shows have achieved tremendous fame over the years. They are known as drag queens. Some of the popular drag queens of Ireland are Panti Bliss and Veda Beaux Reves.

2. Cabaret shows

Such shows are a form of theatrical entertainment involving music, dance, and drama. The nature of cabaret shows differ according to the venue where they are hosted. Most of these performances are held in pubs, hotels, restaurants, bars, or nightclubs. The LGBTI audience can witness some fabulous performances in these cabaret shows while enjoying their favorite drinks. 

3. Gay parties

Some nightclubs in Dublin that cater to the LGBTI community host some really crazy gay parties. One would get to witness talented DJs in action during such events. The dance floor is completely occupied with folks swaying to the most thrilling numbers. 

Other LGBTI-friendly nightlife spots

Not everyone from the LGBTI community likes wild shows and dance parties. There are some who just want to sip their cocktails quietly in a corner with their partner. For such individuals, there are cafes and Irish pubs located at certain parts of the city. 

These places mostly have a calm and pleasing environment with soothing classical music. Some of them also offer excellent views of the surroundings and serve top-quality Irish food and drinks. They mostly have cozy interiors that are well-complemented with some fantastic pieces of art. 

A few others may be centred around a particular theme with an unusual list of wines. These LGBTI-friendly spots are excellent places to organize a meeting with that special someone. If not, then they can be visited just to enjoy a drink amid delightful environs.

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