Powerful and constantly evolving, drag performances have gained a wider acceptance over the years. This has happened mainly due to the support it has received from the LGBTI community. The drag shows have become so popular that they are now celebrated in the mainstream media. 

In the past, drag queens were gay men or trans-women who impersonated females. Today, gender is becoming less important and all sorts of people are welcome in the drag community. A typical drag show involves lip-syncing songs, dance routines, live cabaret, group performances, or comedy acts. 

It can also be a combination of all these performances. Such shows are mostly hosted at LGBTI bars or clubs. However, they have now expanded to larger venues owing to a considerable growth in their popularity.


The history of drag shows can be traced back to the times when the very idea of theater originated. In ancient Greece, women were not allowed to participate on stage. This was the result of a perception that acting was dangerous for them. So, men impersonated women on stage by cross-dressing. 

The modern drag movement began with Julian Eltinge, who was an American vaudeville singer, performer, and actor. He was instrumental in popularizing the act of female impersonation in the early 20th century. Such performers had also had a tough time facing the legal system of the United States in those times. It was against non-normative gender expression. 

Despite all these hurdles, drag shows continued to flourish. The drag queens played an important role in the gay rights movement. Towards the end of the 20th century, drag shows had gained significant popularity.

Attending a drag show

Personal expression is of great importance in the drag culture. Some of the drag events include brunch hosted in a restaurant or a performance given at an LGBTI bar. One can wear anything to a drag event that would be the best expression of himself or herself. Before attending such shows one must check out the website or social media post of the event. 

Some bars host themed drag events while others may host regular drag shows. The individuals who perform in the drag events are freelance artists, who often have difficulties in surviving financially. They rely heavily on tips given by the members of the audience. It would be a good idea to have some change handy. It can be given as a tip to the performer. 

One must always remember that drag performers are human beings. The audience must never behave in ways that would make the performers feel uncomfortable. It is important to treat the drag queens or kings with respect. Before touching them or clicking photos with them, one must take their permission. 

The members of the audience must never boo them. The drag queens and kings work extremely hard to prepare for their routines. Booing them would bring down their mood for the performance. The drag queens or kings who are not popular need a lot of support from their audiences. 

One can attend the local shows to support and cheer for them. Drag shows are events that are not meant to be taken seriously. The members of the audience, therefore, must attend these shows purely with the intention of having fun.

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