Dublin always had this reputation of being a drinking town. Today, the Irish capital is also known for its culinary delights and an amazing cocktail culture. A whole new generation of entrepreneurs have created several bars, clubs, and pubs in recent times for the LGBTIs. 

There is a wide range of offerings for those who want to enjoy the most popular drinks of Dublin. If you belong to the LGBTI community and want to sample Dublin’s favorite drinks, you’re at the right place. Here, we present some of the popular drinks you can enjoy while in the Irish capital:

1. Irish whiskey

Traditionally, the Irish whiskey brands Jameson and Bushmills have been a favorite among the city’s bars and clubs. Many won’t appreciate Jameson in cocktails as they like to enjoy this Irish whiskey in its purest form. Those who are new to Irish whiskey can begin with Bushmills. 

In recent times, some of the latest brands have also been in demand, such as Dead Rabbit Irish Whiskey and Slane Irish Whiskey. Voted the world’s best bar, The Dead Rabbit Grocery & Grog of New York teamed up with Darryl McNally. He is the Master Distiller from Dublin Liberties Distillery. Together, they created The Dead Rabbit Irish Whiskey. 

2. Irish coffee

The fascination with Irish coffee began in the days of the Second World War. A chef and bartender called Joe Sheridan working at the Foynes Boat Terminal used to greet travelers with hot drinks. Among them were cups of coffee that were spiked with Irish whiskey with cream toppings. 

He jokingly named it the Irish coffee and it achieved instant popularity among several passengers and celebrities. Today, it is served in the cafes, clubs, and bars across Ireland. It was described by the writer William Hill as a delicious combination of Irish whiskey and hot coffee.

3. Guinness

This is an Irish dark beer, which is among the most successful alcohol brands in the world. It is brewed in nearly 50 countries and is Ireland’s best-selling alcoholic drink. The origins of Guinness dates back to 1759, when it was first introduced in the brewery of Arthur Guinness. 

You can easily spot this Irish beer in any of the bars, pubs, or clubs. A decent pint of it would appear like a dark coffee topped with cream. It is served in a tulip-shaped pint glass. Watching it being served would be an experience in itself. 

4. Baileys Irish Cream

This Irish cream liqueur has a declared alcohol volume of 17%. It was invented for Gilbeys of Ireland by a team in 1971 headed by Tom Jago. It looks almost like chocolate milk and doesn’t have a strong taste. This is the reason why it makes for a perfect after-dinner drink. It is best enjoyed during winter evenings while watching a movie. 

As you take in every sip of it, you’ll fall in love with its sweet and indulgent flavor. This alcoholic drink is flavored with cream, a bit of cocoa, and some Irish whiskey. It is stored away from direct sunlight at temperatures ranging from 0 to 25-degree Celsius. Under such conditions, it guarantees a shelf life of two years. 

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