PUK 5.1

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PUK 5.1

Product Details

NEW:  The patent-pending system for welding process monitoring
            · New software for contact monitoring of the hand piece 
            · Prevention of welding errors through interruption of weld if excessive pressure is applied to the electrode 
            · Increase in service life of electrode tip 
            · Prevention of tungsten inclusions on sensitive surfaces or on workpieces and materials that still require further processing
            · Improvement in the overall weld quality through more uniform processing 
            · Error prevention in the handling: Increase in process reliability and more consistent quality for larger quantities 
            · Learning function: More rapid and simpler learning of correct welding procedure, especially for beginners




NEW:  Faster progress to better results – "blind operation" with single-handed operation. Concentration remains focused on the workpiece.


NEW: Even higher-performance LED lighting in our new premium welding microscopes. More uniform illumination of the working area - more flexible use of the microscope. These microscopes can also be used as fully equipped workplace microscopes - not just for welding.


NEW: Setting of parameters for "Power", "Time" and menu navigation with one single rotary controller.  




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