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1st July 2008

Hot New Staff

Poor Alex and Bobo. They'd got used to being the hottest staff members. Alex even had the graffiti in the toilets to prove it. But now that the gorgeous Mateus has joined the team their confidence has been shaken. I've tried to explain to them that just because I love Mateus now too, it doesn't mean that I love them any less. I have so much love to give! But I'm not sure they believed me. Especially after they saw this photo.

Panti & Mattheus


24 June 2008

Free Umbrellas

After our wet Pride we found over a hundred umbrellas left behind by you drunks. We're tripping over the bloody things! Next time you're in, please take one. And if you're the guy who left a crutch in the dark room at the last Furry Glen: we still have it.