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  • 03 May 2012

    The International Dublin Gay Theatre Festival - two shows @ Pantibar

    The Gay Theatre Festival kicks off next week, May 7th, and runs till the 20th. There's a full programme of shows happening across the city and there's something for every taste - from high drama to low comedy. 

    Check out the programme, and book tickets HERE.

    At Pantibar we are hosting two different shows in our basement. First up is The Fucking World According to Molly which runs May 7th through 12th.

    Molly "Equality" Dykeman is a barely lucid poet/security guard at PS 339 and a lovable train wreck who is having her first ‘poetry' show. Will bed bugs, Percocet, the love of her life and sissy kids get in her way? Impossible! She'll have you rolling in the isles while you visit her hilarious world.

    "Molly Dykeman is much funnier--and butcher--than Larry the Cable Guy... She's a scream!" - Michael Musto, The Village Voice

    "A romping, good time... The F*cking World According to Molly is for audiences looking for a laugh riot. Molly is good for a whole lot of laughs." -

    "Big laughs and big heart make Molly Equality Dykeman the most loveable, pill-popping elementary school security guard this side of the five boroughs...The F*cking World According to Molly is a must-see." -

    Then, running May 14th to 19th, is No Fats, No Femmes: Tales Of Dialling-Up, Coming Out & Getting Off.

    Writer/performer/bear Tim Paul shares his salacious stories from his 17 year romp with the internet. On the ultimate hunt to find the mustachioed man of his dreams on-line, he falls prey to a series of unwitting seducers, from a sociopathic nanny and a Mormon with a secret past, to a twink turned porn star and an accidental suburban three-way, as he trawls craigslist, manhunt, bear411 and any other site he can tag a profile to! No Fats, No Femmes premiered at the Annoyance Theatre (Chicago, IL) under the original direction of Katie Caussin and is taking the Bear world by storm!

    Time Out Chicago: Critics's Pick. Hot Show

    "Tim Paul...uses boyish candor to blend absurdity, pathos, and graphic sex in ways that are deeply humanizing." - Justin Hayford, Chicago Reader


    theatre | dublin
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  • 29 Apr 2012

    Dublin Town

    Here's a video extoling the virtues of Dublin for the launce of the slick new site, which aims to reveal all that's good about Dublin for visitors and residents alike. If you are a "head around town" you will probably recognise a couple of other "heads around town" in the video. There's my gay Phillip from thisispopbaby in the screen shot.


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  • 29 Mar 2012

    I know the gays can be sneaky but you'd think the orange blossom scones would have tipped her off

    I was in Brother Hubbard, the really lovely new cafe on Capel St (a little further down from Pantibar, on the other side just before the Luas line) earlier today to have a perfect espresso macchiato and a really delicious carrot cake. It only opened last week, and has started slowly, only doing drinks and a sweet menu - scones, cakes, pasteries... the brownies are absolutely sinfully delicious - but they are fully up and running with the savoury menu also from next week. (I saw them test running some colourful and fresh looking salads)

    The cafe is the baby of Garret and James (above in the aprons) who after traveling and cooking their way around the world, from South East Asia, to the Middle East, to Australia and decided to open their own place in Dublin. The influence of their travels is evident but not in a heavy handed way - among the carrot cakes and brownies and lemon cakes, there are butter and orange blossom scones, Australian Jammy Lamingtons (sponge squares with jam and cream filling rolled in chocolate and coconut), raspberry & apple & rose homemade lemonade. Mmmmmhhhh!

    Anygay, while I was in there today, I was one of a few tables, mostly people on their own, reading the paper or working on something, so it was quiet when a stylish woman came in and started oohing and ahhing over the pasteries and chatting with James behind the counter. She was full of questions. She had an accent and dark looks I couldn't quite place but she was particularly interested in James' Middle Eastern travels and cooking influence so I supposed she must have some connection with that part of the world.

    Then she asked, "So are you two actual brothers?" James hesitated slightly, clearly wondering how to break it to her. "Or just good friends?" she asked. Everyone looked up from their coffe and papers. James opened his mouth, but still hadn't quite decided how to answer her. But he didn't need to. Everyone in the place cracked up laughing. In fact, we howled! A business man at the table beside me answered firt: "Oh they're very good friends! Very close they are!" before adding something about this being the 21st century.

    It shouldn't have even been that funny but I guess it was the fact that it clearly hadn't even entered her head when you'd think that James and Garrett, in their matching natty aprons, standing proudly over their tray of orange blossom infused scones might have given her a hint. 

    Anyway, if you are near Capel St, check out Brother Hubbard. And the adorable mop-topped Bruno makes a perfect coffee.


    dublin | food
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  • 27 Mar 2012

    I hope they're lovers

    I took the pic on the left a few months ago on Dublin's Marlborough Street, and I took the pic on the right on Marlborough Street at almost the exact same spot today. I've been fantasising a whole love story for them all day today - even though he wins in the style stakes.

    I love how small Dublin is sometimes, because when I posted the pic of the old man to facebook earlier someone recognised him and was able to tell me that he used to be an Arts Inspector for the Department of Education and he still eats lunch there sometimes - and indeed the pic was taken just up from the Dept of Education on Marlborough St.


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  • 16 Mar 2012

    UPDATE: owner found

    Pantibar manager Shane found this cute fella in Islandbridge War Memorial Park yesterday while walking his own dog. He seems like he's been well looked after and he's a good-natured and well behaved little guy so he's probably missed.

    UPDATE: DOG'S OWNER FOUND! In fact, the dog did most of the finding himself! Shane took him along when he was putting up posters in the local areas, and when they were in Chapelizod, the little guy basically led Shane into a block of flats and right to his own door. Knocked on the door and a very grateful owner was thrilled to see him. Tearful reunion!


    animals | dublin
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  • 06 Mar 2012

    Friday night in Dublin

    I was walking down Parliament with a few friends on Friday night when we saw this scene. My friend Ian stopped to take a photo and the taxi driver went ballistic. You could momentarily have thought he was being chivalrous, except he was effin' and blindin' and threatening violence. A bit unhinged really. Even though Ian was perfectly entitled to take a picture on a public street, and it's not like the poor girl's face was in the pic, we moved on anyway because the driver was so deranged, but then my friend Paul, who was lagging behind us, came along and calmly took out his phone, focused, composed the shot and took it, all while the taxi driver was exploding with rage and looking as if he might actually get out of the cab to strangle him. I admired Paul's courage and steadiness under pressure... untill the next day when he retold the story and I realised that with a few drinks on board he thought the taxi driver was furious with the girl! He was completely oblivious to the fact that he was about to get a slap from a deranged taxi driver.


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  • 29 Feb 2012

    No going back now for the worst name change in the history of theatre

    When it was frst announced that the Grand Canal Theatre had signed a sponsorship deal that would see it's name changed to the Bord Gáis Energy Theatre, I winced. And perhaps in a couple of years, we locals will have gotten so used to it that we won't notice any more and it'll only be tourists who wince on hearing it (and can't you hear American tourists pronouncing it the Bored Gays Energy Theatre) but for now, this doesn't improve my image of Bord Gais, it actually diminishes my image of it as a company. It's such a horrible name it seems disrespectful to theatre in general. Our name at all costs! Couldn't they have found a compromise name that acknowledges their sponsorship but doesn't sound so awful?

    But anyway, this is what Penny and I saw on our walk today.


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  • 25 Feb 2012

    Penny for your thoughts




    penny for your thoughts | dublin
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  • 16 Feb 2012

    Capel Street is bucking the trend

    It seems like every day there's a new business opening on Capel St. 

    Shauna's pet shop opened recently just a few doors from Pantibar, same side, toward the river. Shauna is an energetic young woman setting up in business for the first time, though she already knows the pet shop business well having worked previously in the memorably named Whackers Pet Shop on Parnell St. Having a pet shop practically next door is great for us in Pantibar - between myself and managers Shane and Harry we have three (and ocassionally four depending on Harry's neighbour) dogs to look after. Shauna's shop also has a basement where she has a good range of fish and reptiles. I caught Bunny looking wistfully at a tortoise recently.

    And today I saw a couple of gays getting stuck in to what used to be Wolfe's Bistro just up from Pantibar on the other side, so looks like we'll have another new restaurant to try out soon.


    capel street | dublin
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  • 01 Feb 2012

    Maser on Camden St

    Lovely short film of Dublin street artist Maser working on Camden St.


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