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  • 26 Nov 2011

    Rihanna seemed nice enough - pity about her fans

    My gay Ian's brother has been working on Rihanna's European tour so when her Loud tour set up camp at the O2 last night he gave us a quick tour of backstage before letting us watch the concert from side-stage. As you might imagine it's a huge production and a very slick and impressive set-up.

    We couldn't resist a pic of her "quick change" area under the stage, which as you can see is full of a lot of costumes but very little fabric...

    Of course none of us thought to bring a camera so it's all crappy phone pics, but as you can see we were right there in the middle of the action. Or slightly behind it most of the time as you can see, but it was fun to be able to see all the ropes and pullies being cranked behind the scenes. 

    Rihanna herself takes a fairly relaxed, languid approach to performing, not breaking much of a sweat (she has a kind of stoner vibe) as she belts out her impressive number of hits while her dancers do all the high energy move-bustin' and her really tight band crank out the guitar solos or work themselves up into convulsions of percussive ecstasy, while everything from giant pink tanks to pole dancing poles appear and disappear in the blink of a rubber-clad eye.

    It's all very sexy... if you find whips and chains, and pole dancing and pvc thigh-highs sexy. And clearly lots of people do. My only real caveat is the same caveat I've had with her music and videos generally: for a woman who was so famously the victim of a serious "domestic" assault (I've always found that expression weird. What's domestic about beating up a woman? I know what they mean of course, but it just sounds wrong) all the songs and S&M visuals about enjoying pain and being beaten sit badly with me. Especially when you see the young age of so many of the overwhelmingly female audience.

    And overwhelmingly girls it was. You had to look hard to pick out guys in the audience. That surprised me a little. I had assumed that a young female performer who is sold with an agressive sexuality would have attracted more straight blokes with semis, or at least more boyfriends pretending to be there under duress. There weren't even many gays - though perhaps the gay fans, as proper fans, were all at her earlier shows last month.

    We stayed side-stage for three quarters of the show, but then we decided to go out front into the crowd to see and hear the last part as it was intended to be seen and heard. Where we were the sound was poor, and while we were in the thick of things, we weren't getting the full scale or affect of the lighting and visuals.

    And yes indeed, the stage and set looked so much bigger and more dramatic from out front, but unfortunately that wasn't what struck us. What struck us was the fear! Turns out Rihanna attracts a pretty rough crowd. They were mostly young, mostly girls, mostly half dressed (I know! I sound like my granny), mostly really, really drunk, and quite a few also on drugs and falling around the place. Now I was young once too so good luck to them, but lots of them were missing the concert they presumably had been so looking forward to because they were sprawled on the ground with their backs to the stage, and waaaay too many of them were flailing about wildly in a poor attempt at drunken dancing and knocking into everyone around them. Not to mention the security staff and police who were crashing through the crowd chasing after people who'd done I-know-not-what. One slightly older woman (well, relatively - she was probably in her 30's) standing near me looked around her with a slightly dazed expression and then looked at me as if to say, "Help".  Of course it didn't help that I was with Brendan Courtney off the telly who attracts a lot of attention in those situations and while it's generally all good natured, it can also be really annoying when there's a lot of drink involved.

    So we decided to slip away ten minutes before the end so we could beat the crowd and the mayhem and get a calm Luas back in to town. On the tram four young girls about ten years old all dressed in big fake fur coats and with broad Dublin accents started talking to us in that bolshy way that inner city kids sometimes have. They had all bunked in to the gig, running past security, and got to see the support act Calvin Harris before security caught them and threw them out. We were laughing along with them because they were amusing and lively and entertainingly "bold", and then one of them loudly announces, "Anyway Calvin Harris was much better than Rihanna. That black bitch got us thrown out".



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  • 26 Nov 2011

    Pantibar's security detail last night

    Although it wasn't necessary the Gardaí kept a closer than usual eye on us last night because of the silly letter we got during the week - and we appreciate their concern on our behalf. Better safe than sorry i guess. Anyway, we had two lovely bean Gardaí on duty last night, seen here keeping warm with cups of tea with bar manager Harry and Max our door whore. (Calm down Ladies! They were working)

    There was one funny moment when a man carrying a life size crucifix walked by and everyone thought The Rapture had arrived! But he turned out to be coming from some event they were having in the "Destiny" evangelical church a few doors up from us down the lane. (And by the way I don't think for a moment that they had anything to do with the silly note. They seem generally happy to mind their own business there)

    UPDATE: The pastor of the Destiny church was on to me to say that the guy with the crucifix was not coming from their event which was a music event with people of any, all and no religious persuasion. 

    Though @davidcochrane tweeted this photo last night saying, "Only one bloody person was raptured tonight at Pantibar".


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  • 26 Nov 2011

    Italian TV on an Italian gay couple's Dublin wedding

    I don't speak Italian so I only got the gist of this very fun report from Italian tv, but the gist was enough. I absolutely love the fun (and lesbian?) reporter who hangs out with an Italian gay couple and their families as they all come to Dublin to get a Civil Partnership. (Italy doesn't yet recognise any form of gay partnerships). They seem like a really nice, happy couple, and everyone is very effusive and Italian, with lots of happy tears in the registry office on Grand Canal Street.

    The video doesn't embed, so click the link above to watch it.

    (thanks Robert)


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  • 26 Nov 2011

    The Daily Mail fancies the hole of Davina Devine

    They were gusing over her and her hemline that "bordered on the indecent" in a report on Pixie Lott's PA in The George.


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  • 25 Nov 2011


    I won't pretend I didn't see the end of this Australian ad coming, but it's very sweet never-the-less.

    (thanks Colin)


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  • 25 Nov 2011

    Suri Cruise's "Burn Book"

    Suri's Burn Book is a hilarious Tumblr written from the point of view of a very precocious and very critical (mostly of other famous kids) Suri Cruise. I know parodying a kid online is walking a fine line, but in this case I think even Suri would be fine with it because as well as being hilarious, Suri comes out of it as the most fab-u-lous kid ever. Team Suri!

    "There are some disturbing rumors going around that I am writing a children's book. Where do they get this stuff?

    Obviously I write in my free time, but I am way beyond children's books, people. My latest project is a collection of short stories reimagining Shakespeare's historical plays as modern-day allegories of European politics.

    Seriously, these tabloids can be really hurtful sometimes."


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  • 25 Nov 2011

    Tonight at evil Bunny's perverse homosexual Hutch

    It's a show to die for! It's sinfully good! You'll have a hell of a good time!

    This week at the Hutch, everything a religious extremist would love: burlesque, drag queenery, drag kingery, musical theatre and dirty jazzy live covers of 80's classics. Lady K and Ruby Noir, Miss Fortune and her boys, Dial Emma makes her return and the new drag kings on the scene, Bigg and Randy.

    The Hutch, committing sin every Friday in my basement at 10pm, no cover charge, but you probably won't get to heaven.


    hutch | pantibar
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  • 25 Nov 2011

    Penny just fell in lesbian love

    Lilly the Jack Russell is a little fire cracker!

    (thanks Gaelick)


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  • 25 Nov 2011

    In Facebook no one can hear you poke

    When Mark Zuckerberg deletes Facebook and kills himself, humanity must learn to live without status updates, but can society survive without the social network?


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  • 24 Nov 2011

    A Google Street View animation

    A lovely animated short about a lonely desk toy who longs for escape from the dark confines of the office, so he takes a cross country road trip in the only way he can - using a toy car and Google Maps Street View.

    Google Street View stop motion animation short by director Tom Jenkins.

    Address Is Approximate from The Theory on Vimeo.


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  • Eric

    Oh, Christopher. It's obvious you hadn't the faintest idea who he was until you looked him up on IMD...

    Happy Birthday to my beau...

    30 Nov 2011 @ 11:57

  • Christopher

    "The Older Singer - who always wanted to be a professional singer but feel they missed their chance ...

    In praise of karaoke

    30 Nov 2011 @ 10:38

  • Christopher

    I think the fact that he's 5' 7 limits him in Hollywood. Loved him in Bad Education but nothing els...

    Happy Birthday to my beau...

    30 Nov 2011 @ 10:11

  • Christopher

    This is AMAZING. I love the reference to Ester Williams simming pool!

    New Judy and Liza

    30 Nov 2011 @ 10:08

  • Vk

    Sadly no one in LA wants a star who sounds like the help. Their loss, Europe's gain.

    Happy Birthday to my beau...

    30 Nov 2011 @ 08:44

  • Tonie Walsh

    @Mark. For the same reason that Penelope Cruz flounded in Hollywood; the Hispanic/Mexican straitjack...

    Happy Birthday to my beau...

    30 Nov 2011 @ 07:14

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