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  • 18 Nov 2012

    A dingo ate my baby!!

    (and yes, I know it's not a dingo, it's an extinct "tasmanian tiger", but I was channeling Meryl Streep/Lindsay Chamberlain)


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  • 18 Nov 2012

    Stepping out in Tasmania

    (pic Phillip MacMahon)


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  • 18 Nov 2012

    Werqing gurl


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  • 17 Nov 2012

    Werqing it on the harbour front in Hobart, Tasmania


    I'm on a boat!


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  • 12 Nov 2012

    I'm off to Australia for a month - but everything is covered

    I'm heading off to Oz tomorrow (Tuesday) and I'll be gone till Dec 7th. First stop Tasmania where I'll be doing a few gigs at Tasmania Pride and then on to Brisbane, Noosa, and Sydney. Can't wait!

    I will be checking in here from time to time, bringing you the odd update from down under.

    However, the Dublin queens are being fantastic and covering all my regular Dublin gigs.

    At The Panti Show on Saturdays in Pantibar, Bunny, Bláthnaid, Regina and Candy are going to be joined by Shirley Temple-Bar and Dolly Grip

    On Thursdays, Make & Do Do will be continuing under the tutelage of Veda Beaux Reves, Dizzy Dyin'forit, and Pixie Woo.

    And my Friday night F.A.G. gigs will be covered by Veda, Bunny, and Regina.

    Phew! Who knew I was so busy?!

    If you're feeling a little down at any time over the next month or so, just remember that I am in a bikini and having a ball while you endure enjoy November in Ireland. That should cheer you up. It cheers me up! 


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  • 28 Sep 2012

    Hello Tasmania!

    I'm off to Australia in November, and first stop is Tasmania Pride. Can't wait!

    FYI, for those of you too young (or too straight) to remember, Return To Eden is the greatest TV mini-series ever made. EVER! It was made in the early 80's as a kind-of Australian answer to the high glamour American shows of the day like Dallas and Dynasty. However, Return To Eden has the greatest set-up ever dreamt up by drunk gay writers.

    It's all about Stephanie Harper (say that in an Australian accent) who is a frumpy and plain, but exceedingly wealthy heiress, who ends up marrying a suave, handsome tennis player. BUT! He is a no-good murderous schemer only after her money, and while on honeymoon in the outback he pushes poor Stephanie into a crocodile infested river and he and his evil girlfriend watch her get eaten. BUT! (there are a lot of "BUT"s in Return To Eden) Stephanie doesn't die! She only has her face eaten off. And she is found and nursed back to (disfigured) health by a hermit who also mines for precious gems. When Stephanie is ready he gives her some big diamonds he mined and she goes off and gets a new name - Tara Welles - and a new FACE from a brilliant plastic surgeon. Now she looks AMAZING and with her new name and new face she goes back to Sydney and BECOMES AN INTERNATIONAL SUPERMODEL and goes about plotting her revenge on the dastardly husband and his bitch girlfriend. And she plots to get back her fortune and her beloved family estate, Eden. (See? That's where the show's name comes from)

    I was OBSESSED with it in 1983/4 and you can be too because it's all on YouTube.

    (And just because I know what you people are like, poor Stephanie gets pushed to the crocodiles in this part)


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  • 21 Aug 2012

    Ryanair can be such assholes

    I have no priblem with lots of the things you hear people giving out about Ryanair for - the herding you like cattle, the charging for not printing out your boarding pass, the huge cost if your bag is overweight, the constant hard sell during the flight, etc. Before Ryanair the only way to get off this tiny island was either by paying Aer Lingus a year's wages and a leg, or getting the slow boat/train combo to London. And Ryanair are able to charge low fares by squeezing as much out of us as possible for all the extras and stripping away all the unnecessary ad-ons, like free meals. Yes, you have to play by their rules or it'll cost you - but if you play be their rules. like making sure your carry-on is the right size and weight, you can get off this island for a reasonable price. 

    However, what I really do hate, is when they try and trick you into giving them more money. In my book that crosses the line from playing hard ball to dishonesty, treading very close to stealing or con artistry. What's the difference really between trying to trick you into buying their travel insurance by making you have to opt out of it (if you realize at all that you've been automatically opted in) by searching through a drop down menu of countries untill you (hopefully) realise ther's a country called "Don't cover me" (which isn't even in it's alphabetically ordered spot!) and, say, tricking a confused old granny into paying you to install new guttering on her council house when she doesn't need it? And indeed how many of your grannies would have the computer nous to avoid the Ryanair travel insurance trap. Or indeed the Ryanair brand carry-on luggage trap!

    I have no problem with Ryanair making money, or indeed charging you extra if you don't play the gane their way. For example, if everyone didn't print their own boarding passes means Ryanair have to pay someone to do that, and it slows down the process of loading passengers, which slows down the turnaround time of planes, which adds to costs etc. But I do have a problem with underhanded attempts to steal money from the unsuspecting.


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  • 21 Sep 2011

    Polaroid Mongolia

    In 1990 I travelled across Mongolia, and when crossing the border from the then Soviet Union into Mongolia we were stoppped for half a day while the slow and crumbling system tried to make head or tail of me and my travelling companion. (We didn't even have valid visas for the Soviet Union and had travelled right across it from Hungary, but the system was so decrepit and corrupt that a pack of Marlborough cigarrettes got us out of any awkward situation. Which all seemed perfectly reasonable when I was a mere slip of a girl)

    Anyway, while at the border we became kind of friendly with a young, and enormous, Mongolian border guard. He hadn't a single word of English - and needless to say we hadn't a word of Mongolian - but we had fingers for pointing and paper and pen for drawing. At one point I took out a camera and took his picture. He stood tall and proud, puffed out his chest, adjusted his cap, rearranged his gun, and grinned from ear to ear. And then he wanted to see the picture.

    This was before digital kids, so at first I diodn't understand what he was asking. Untill I understood that the only camera he was previously familiar with was a polaroid, and he was expecting us to have the picture to look at immediately. It took some explaining with scratced drawings to explain that our camera didn't, and couldn't, produce immediate pictures.

    Anyway, here is a lovely short film of a couple of young travellers in Mongolia with a polaroid camera, and the delighted reaction of the nomadic herders who loved to have their pictures taken.

    "While researching mongolia prior to our trip, we found out that most of the natives love having photographs taken of themselves. Most nomadic mongolians have never had a printed photo to keep of themselves before, so we decided to bring a bunch of polaroid film along on our motorcycles so each local we met along the way could have a picture to keep of him or herself!

    When we asked one family if we could take a picture of them, we were kind of scared of bothering or distracting them from their daily duties. I didn't see the family for the next ten minutes so I assumed they didn't want a picture. Finally, the family (the first family seen in the video) came out of their yurt all decked out in traditional celebratory clothing only used on mongolian holidays!" 


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  • 06 Aug 2011

    That cute guy did more than just walk

    Remember the 1 min video I posted yesterday of the cute guy who was filmed walking in lots of different countries? He also did a lot of eating and learning in 1 min. These clips don't have the same visual impact as the walking one, but he's easy on the eye and looks like he had a good time.


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  • 04 Aug 2011

    It took 44 days and 11 countries to make this 1 minute film


    short film | travel
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