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  • 20 Jul 2011

    GAZE 2011

    The 19th Dublin International Lesbian and Gay Film Festival, GAZE, takes place over the August Bank Holiday weekend from July 28th to August 1st. All the details and the full programme are HERE, and there is something for everybody. In fact, there's lots for everybody!


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    • Posted By Inbar 04 Aug 2011 17:05

      Deadly, is the Gaze-bashing kicking off again?

    • Posted By Panti 04 Aug 2011 16:54

      @ Johnny. I'm sorry but I had to delete most of your comment. I can't have personal attacks on the blog.

    • Posted By Johnny 04 Aug 2011 16:52

      Well done NotCreativeType, and I understand why u dont wanna share your name, Dublin is 2 small.

    • Posted By Buzz O'Neill 25 Jul 2011 22:01

      ... i still don't know what a tracker mortgage is..

    • Posted By Christopher 25 Jul 2011 13:56

      @John- Bertie? Is that you?

    • Posted By John 25 Jul 2011 13:35

      I have found this debate somewhat amusing excepting of course the thinly veiled attacks on named persons but i guess in a way there is a grain of truth in the notion that human nature being human nature, there will always be certain individuals (I am referring in a general sense here and not alluding to any particular indiviudal(s)), however well-meaning, who are eager to put themselves forward for these sort of positions for perhaps not wholly altruistic reasons. This is always going to be the way from the village committee and residents' associations to the more loftier boardrooms. As many have pointed out, if you want to effect change, well you are just going to have to get up and do it for yourself and get involved rather than sniping and cribbing from the sidelines.

    • Posted By Rudy 25 Jul 2011 12:02

      I see it's a successful video, well done.

    • Posted By Vikki 25 Jul 2011 11:28

      You know I am beginning to think that this is all a cunning PR ruse hatched from on-high in TUna Towers !

    • Posted By Alan 25 Jul 2011 08:31

      I can't speak for anyone else but I certainly don't know any other commenters on this page. Have you considered that people may have their own opinions and may have decided that they genuinely don't like the Gaze promo?

    • Posted By Colm Keane 25 Jul 2011 04:32

      I'm going to go a tiny (???) bit out on a limb here and suggest that the people speculating on groups are part of their own group of friends who sit around and speculate about 'the other group' which is totally unfair if we're all honest here. In this case however, it's group of talented folk making a quick something something to benefit a bigger something something. There may be tinges of association here and there but, really, if you're not stepping forward or trying your best to make yourself known as a ready appropriation for the cause, is there much harm in some other people doing a video at short notice for the greater good? There's a harsh bang of bitter off the comments below. And some really personal digs. I can say personally, that myself and a friend both now produce and edit the AMI video purely because we approached a committee member who we didn't know at the time and asked could we be involved. Now we have produced the last two videos as well as getting to know everyone involved quite well. So. Ask and you'll get somewhere. Sit on a comment stream on a blog, and I reckon you probably won't get too far. Go to GAZE, and you're going to see something to be proud of as part of the clique of gay Dublin. RIGH!

    • Posted By Alan 24 Jul 2011 22:43

      @Trevor: I agree 100% with your comments re: Filmmakers Award. Well said.

    • Posted By brianb 24 Jul 2011 22:38

      in the words of rodney:

    • Posted By Uptohere 24 Jul 2011 22:16

      ENOUGH! If I read one more word about FK, tUna M or their posse I'll scream...!

    • Posted By Panti 24 Jul 2011 20:30

      @Trevor. As I said earlier I am loath to get involved in moderating comments, but I felt I had to delete part of your's Trevor. I don't know the background to all this ill feeling, but I don't want personal swipes at named individuals on the blog. Thanks.

    • Posted By Trevor 24 Jul 2011 20:29

      It's lovely to see that the good name of Gaze is flourishing despite the new board. Congrats to all the festival team on their hard work this year. [deleted] Re: Absolut filmmakers competition. Whilst this was an incredibly good idea, it was regretable that the opportunity, billed as for 'up-and-coming' filmmakers was then awarded to a filmmaker who has already had their work screened at prime time on RTE. Perhaps it would've been better to take a risk on a new voice.

    • Posted By Film Fan 24 Jul 2011 15:34

      It is terribly sad to see this festival as a closed shop, offering the available jobs and opportunities up for their mates. I've never seen such a smug, ill judged promo in my life. Its wrong to say there's no budget available to pay someone to make the promo, the festival benefits from a more than generous arts grant alongside high-profile corporate sponsorship and lots of free promotion. Why not give someone else a try? Even the programmers job, which was advertised nationally, still went to someone who was mates with the board. Cast your net wider, theres a lot of talent out there.

    • Posted By RIP 24 Jul 2011 12:00

      It looks like an art therapy afternoon-session project from a rehab clinic's most demented clients

    • Posted By RIP 24 Jul 2011 11:57

      Those involved in this promo are responsible for the death of Amy Winehouse

    • Posted By Vivavoce 23 Jul 2011 16:36

      @Panti It is patently obvious to me that this debate has utterly nothing to do with the GAZE promo which to all intents and purposes is fine. Rather, the 'backlash' as you call it Panti, appears to be grounded in a perceived stratification of the gay community or an inner sanctum whose members appear to be always involved in controlling and organising events, particularly those of an artistic or alternative hue. I honestly don't know how true this is and/or whether it is just disgruntlement from some at not being able to roll with the cool kids (hence the copious allusions to hipsters) but you are certainly correct Panti, this nonsense really has to stop at the risk of it all detracting from the excellence of the GAZE festival. There is so much to choose from - I know for one I'll be attending l'Homme au bain starring a certain Monsieur Sagat! Vive GAZE!

    • Posted By Chuck D 23 Jul 2011 16:02

      Bring the noise.

    • Posted By garcox 23 Jul 2011 15:59

      I'm getting confused , I'm not sure which one is Rebekah Brooks , which is the Vatican , which one is Enda Kenny and who get s to be the woman in the 16 year old drag queen from Newcastle show who gets to say "Oh for F**k sake it boils my piss"

    • Posted By Panti 23 Jul 2011 15:23

      Hi Folks. I am generally very loath to get involved in discussions going on in the comments, and try to let people say what they want to say. However, I do think this discussion is becoming a little personal, with a lot of opinions about named persons perceived motivations etc. Perhaps it's time to let this one lie and agree to differ? Though I guess the old adage might apply here: there's no such thing as bad publicity. This is the first year people have felt strongly enough to have a row about GAZE on the blog, so hopefully that will transfer into an added interest in the films themselves. Well, we can hope anyway!

    • Posted By Alan 23 Jul 2011 14:36

      With all respect, Lisa, I'm surprised to read you saying you're proud of the promo. Surely the purpose of any advert is to appeal to as wide a selection of the target market as possible and in this, going by the overwhelmingly negative comments here, the video failed. I'm sure you all had fun appearing in it but surely it would be better for gaze to take the comments on board and hold your hands up rather than getting defensive. I'm sure the video was made with the best intentions but it sadly failed and nothing you, the makers or anyone else says will change that.

    • Posted By LisaConnell 23 Jul 2011 13:57

      @avertyourgaze I am one of the board members of GAZE and can confidently say that we are proud of the promo and so would have no reason to apologise for it! I am sorry if it is not to your taste but that's just one opinion and the wonderful thing about art and creativity is that is subjective and so won't always be to everyones taste. The promo was a team effort and i am sad to see some people on here taking personal swipes at individuals and being overall negative about something that is one small part of what is going to be a great event in the LGBT calendar.

      Link http://4F7XZ

    • Posted By Alan 23 Jul 2011 12:18

      Can I just say that, despite what Fionn et al have to say, this ad clearly failed. Even looking here, it has turned a lot of people off the festival. That is a failure. There are no two ways about it, unfortunately. Every film festival in the world has the rights to use clips or images from the films in their advertising. I'm assuming that Gaze is no different. Perhaps a short, fast-cut ad with clips from these films would have been far more successful. It would certainly have been more emotive than seeing some scene heads dancing and acting badly. It's a shame that this option wasn't taken. It would have cost less than the current ad and wouldn't have upset people as much. Pity that there's this tarnish on the Gaze name.

    • Posted By AvertyourGaze 23 Jul 2011 12:15

      Still waiting for somebody from Gaze to apologise for the promo.

    • Posted By Jonny 23 Jul 2011 00:39

      @ Billy, I think you might be lacking in awareness of sarcasm you poor sausage. One thing reading these comments that I have issue with is the idea that people "give up their time for the community" when they volunteer- that is true but they also gain from it to- ie in experience, networking and in terms of their resume, even if they arent paid. It just irks me that those involved are making out that they are doling out meals at a soup kitchen (FOR YOU YOU UNGRATFUL WHINGERS!!) when they are also building up their CVs for that day that the RTE boat comes in. Anyway, good luck to GAZE. will be at Belfast Pride unfortunately next weekend (must GAZE clash with the second biggest pride festival in Ireland?).

    • Posted By Hot4Pinkeye 22 Jul 2011 19:31

      You don't need a big budget - just write the details of the fest on the guy with pink-eye's chest and give us a 2 minute vid of him naked and flexing? :p

    • Posted By BillyS 22 Jul 2011 18:50

      @NotCreativeType. Thank you! Because you have just single-handedly restored some of my faith in humanity. It is incredibly rare for anyone on the internet to ever admit they might have been wrong and change their mind. In fact, you may be the very first. Well done. And thank you. *getting misty eyed*

    • Posted By Fionn 22 Jul 2011 18:24

      Hi there, I'm not going to be responding to personal attacks from nameless strangers here, this wasn't a promo for nor is it related to my own work. I would however like to provide some clarification. When the GAZE team realised they would like a video to promote the festival, they simply asked people already involved with the festival to help out, as there was no budget to offer other filmakers. The promo was made at short notice, had zero budget, was intended only to capture some of the fun and youth of this years festival (which I think it does) and would not have even been made without the ideas and initiative of the wider GAZE team. I was more than happy to chip in, but unfortunately due to other work commitments my only real contribution was to help out with with casting, arranging a studio and operating a second camera. It's fair enough if you don't like it, but try to respect that everyone who took a day out to make it did so on their own time. By all means, if anyone else would like to produce a video to promote the festival at short notice on a zero budget, we'll happily share it! As for 'monopolising creativity', as has been pointed out, we invested quite a bit of time this year in administering a competition which saw filmaker Anna Rodgers and producer Zlata Filipovic receive significant funding that was unprecented for queer/LGBT film in Ireland. The resulting short film 'Hold On Tight' is a thoughtful and sensitively shot exploration of LGBT public displays of affection, and will be showing on a number of occasions over the GAZE festival weekend. We received over 35 entries to the competition, an impressive response that was due to the generous support made available by festival partners. As a side note, like the way it works on most boards, I was proposed by an existing member this year who I have had the pleasure of working with professionally before, and was delighted to get involved. I've made some new friends and enjoyed the experience overall. I really believe cliques and scenes are in the eye of the beholder - everyone who volunteers with organisations like GAZE knew nobody else involved at some stage, and got to know each other through being engaged in other organisations, events or related industries over the years. Likewise, there is nothing to stop anyone else from getting involved. It goes without saying that the more people who are involved, the more interesting and less demanding festivals like GAZE can be for volunteers. Finally, and more importantly, there has been no criticism of this years program - which is a credit to programmer Paul Rowley, and should in itself be encouragement enough to get over to and book your tickets before they're all gone.

    • Posted By Moonaloolally 22 Jul 2011 18:03

      The festival really needs to showcase more live theatre. I hope Fionn's whipping up a production as we speak (or I type/you read)!

    • Posted By Vera 22 Jul 2011 17:25

      Haha these comments are hillarious! Did someone just compare that ad to a Guinness commercial! I think fair play to them if they're doin it for free and volunteering their time. Maybe just ask someone else to do it next time. Criticism to these kinda things can be positive and should be listened to rather than blindly defended. Lessons can be learned. Also I don't think they're A-gays. Unless the A stands for alternative and arty!

    • Posted By NotCreativeType 22 Jul 2011 17:07

      Hi Guys - I've had a long hard think about what I've been saying on here and I mentioned it to my mother too who thought I was being unnecessarily negative too, so I just wanted to wish everyone on GAZE the best and I wanted to say sorry really and that I've decided to channel my energy into something positive - I'm not sure what yet, but maybe you guys have some suggestions. It's amazing how light one feels when you shake off negativity. Peace Out. NCT


    • Posted By Una Mullally 22 Jul 2011 17:00

      By the way, I'm looking forward to everyone who has commented on this blog post volunteering for GAZE 2012!

    • Posted By Una Mullally 22 Jul 2011 16:57

      @AnotherEvan: "surely this would have been a nice opportunity to let some up and coming filmmakers or 'visual artists' try their hand at it? Perhaps as a competition?" Hi AnotherEvan, I presume you are aware of the GAZE Absolut Filmmakers Competition that was part of GAZE this year? This competition (with a budget) is obviously more preferable than handing over the production of a promo (with no budget) for a filmmaker. In case you're not familiar with it, GAZE ran a competition for up and coming filmmakers to make a short film in conjunction with the filmmaker, which would in turn be funded by the festival sponsor. Fionn Kidney, along with the festival programmer Paul Rowley, Sarah Francis and other board members, was involved in working on this project, which required again loads of unpaid time and effort. The details of the winning project are here: The project was a brilliant opportunity for up and coming filmmakers, and we're really proud of what the filmmakers achieved and are looking forward to people seeing the finished project. I think you'll agree that it shows huge support for local up and coming filmmakers for a film festival to be funding a project like this, and working with the filmmakers to see it through.

    • Posted By David S. 22 Jul 2011 16:53

      "Oh and Fionn Kidney is a deadly guy!!" LOL. Agree with AnotherEvan. I believe that there was no mention of letting anyone but Fionn do that video. Perhaps it was just for ease of time and budget. But nevertheless, there can't be a monopoly on creativity in Dublin.

    • Posted By AnotherEvan 22 Jul 2011 16:13

      I don't think anyone got a chance to volunteer to make this video. My understanding is that the person who made it is on the board of Gaze. Surely this would have been a nice opportunity to let some up and coming filmmakers or 'visual artists' try their hand at it? Perhaps as a competition? I'm sure it would have been a lot better than this lazy output. There is a lot more gay talent out there than Fionn Kidney who never get a chance to show it off. The way to get ahead in the gay community is by being one of the in-crowd. You can volunteer or put yourself forward as much as you like but unless you're an A-Gay, you haven't a chance.

    • Posted By Katie Guinnane 22 Jul 2011 15:14

      I don't understand why many of the comments here are directed at one person. There was, I am sure, more than one individual behind this video.. a video which is fun and playful in my opinion. As for those bitching about never getting a chance to do stuff or asking why is it that the same people are continually involved in everything, I ask when was the last time you volunteered to help? When was the last time you gave up hours on end of your free time for no money, and clearly from the above comments very little thanks. So typically Irish.. and such a very boring rant. Put up or shut up. Oh and Fionn Kidney is a deadly guy!!

    • Posted By Christopher 22 Jul 2011 13:23

      @Cis4Cat Completely different- I have no background in advertising but from my junior cert I remember that some ads are based on establishing a brand and what it stands for-others like the guiness ads are based on developing brand loyalty (ie connecting feelings of emotion to brands where there really shouldnt be any). Guinness is Guinness, everyone knows what it is. GAZE is not Guinness. On the other hand the Guinness ad would be better for GAZE than the one they have as it has a cinematic sweep.

    • Posted By Cis4Cat 22 Jul 2011 13:06

      @Christopher:since when did advertising or promotion have to be obvious or blatant?Some of the greatest advertisments ever made have nothing to do with the product/service/event that hey are advertising and are still highly effective!Like this Guinness Ad:


    • Posted By GAZE 22 Jul 2011 13:06

      Sorry potential volunteers, link wasn't working - here goes again!

    • Posted By GAZE 22 Jul 2011 13:04

      We're all very proud of the voluntary team effort that went into making our promo, and the voluntary team effort that went into bringing GAZE to Irish audiences this year. We need more volunteers, so if you would like to be part of this team effort, please volunteer here:

    • Posted By Christopher 22 Jul 2011 12:29

      Here Here Mark! @Alice@Una- sorry but that is not fair- if people perceive a closed shop or a clique then they won't just go and volunteer themselves. You sound like Bertie Ahern "people cribbin and moaning from the sidelines is a wasted opportunity". Try and listen to what people are saying- the video does NOT represent a film festival at all - it represents a bunch of hipsters dancing around for an art project- you could just put MOTHER over the end of it and it would actually make more sense. What was the thinking behind it? NOTHING that even begins to hint at film, cinema festival or even gay/lesbian. FAIL

    • Posted By AliceKearns 22 Jul 2011 12:16

      The simple fact is this: some people do, some people bitch. If you're seeing the same faces again and again it's not because of some pervasive clique of hipsters, it's because some people work tireless to provide entertainment (and education) for the our LGBT community. Feel like getting involved? I challenge anyone of the people complaining about alleged "insularity" to offer their time to some of these community organisations - maybe try being the change you want to see, instead of just taking shit about well-meaning people.

    • Posted By Virgin Queen 22 Jul 2011 12:01

      This all started when we turned our back on the Church

    • Posted By Una Mullally 22 Jul 2011 11:38

      I don't really know what people refer to when they're talking about "the gay arts scene". I'm a journalist, not an artist, and have volunteered my time for GAZE. There is no clique, just motivated people putting in long unpaid hours in order to provide something exciting for the gay community. I find it very strange that people would insult that effort. When people talk about how they'd like to see new people involved, well, I only became involved this year! There are no barriers to volunteering for GAZE. If you'd like to see other people involved, then why don't you get involved? If you don't like what you see, then why don't you change it? It's very easy to moan about something from afar anonymously. It's takes much more effort to actually do something about it. Some of the insults on here are extremely personal and unnecessary. I find it odd that people would spend their time anonymously and inaccurately insulting people online who they don't even know. Surely that time would be better spent trying to effect the change they are apparently so desperate for?

      Link http://EFY3Y

    • Posted By Mark 22 Jul 2011 11:00

      I don't have any huge problem with the promo as Gaze will doubtlessly be fun (although I have seen a lot of the films already) and apart from the unwarranted personalised remarks, I do believe that there is a certain insularity and cliqueishness pervading the (gay) arts scene over the last few years. I don't have any personal issues with the individuals who made this promo but I would dearly love to see and hear of a few new people getting involved and having the opportunity to contribute their artistic talent and skills in whatever guise for the benefit of the community. I am not sure if the current handful of individuals' monopoly over this process is by design or otherwise but there does need to be more of a readiness (particularly of board members) to allow other people to showcase their talents rather than immediately suggest one's best buds. Yes, the scene is small but it is not so small that only the pre-ordained few get to participate in these initiatives.

    • Posted By xxl 22 Jul 2011 10:32

      THe video still sucks, regardless of who made it. Young, self absorbed clique or otherwise. The people making it look like they are having a good time, maybe that's all that matters and yes I'm aware of limited budget, people giving up their free time etc. It still looks like shit. It absolutely does not talk about the festival, it appears to be more about the participants who are a serious turn off. Whoever they are.

    • Posted By Miguel 22 Jul 2011 10:31

      I just moved here last month from Spain, so of course I don't know any of the people talking here.. but wow. I click to a link and see a cute and fun video (love the music), learn about this festival that looks very good, and then underneath read all this? What is happening in Dublin? There seem to be some people here very angry and for not very much.

    • Posted By NotCreativeType 22 Jul 2011 08:38

      @Evan Evan who? This is the net dear, when you say something contraversial you often get personal abuse and the people critcised get agressive. Well go ahead and attack me now even though there seem to be many others in this thread who look at this scene in the same way- small, self congratulatory, self-promoting, full of nepotism and pretentiousness. Anyway, I must go "I'm currently writing my own magazine and it's about my balls".


    • Posted By FreeHugs 22 Jul 2011 00:10

      Oh. There's a few people on here that didn't get enough hugs when they were young. Make lemonade with those lemons folks. See the rest of you in the back row at GAZE. Mine's a large popcorn.

    • Posted By S. 21 Jul 2011 23:47

      I volunteered with GAZE a few years back, and I thought it was great. The programme is great this year too. But I agree with most people who commented. I don't want to get into an argument about "hipsters" but I've seen from the outside how self-congratulatory the "gay art clique" can be, Fionn and Una included. This promo missed the mark, that's true. If anything, I'd hope the comments encourage other people to get involved in the creative Dublin gay scene. It's thriving. There's room for many more.

    • Posted By Evan 21 Jul 2011 23:30

      In response to "NotCreativeType", why do you feel the need to post annonymously? Why do you have to conceal your idendity? This is a promo video for a film festival for OUR community and it's aimed at our community completely, not a select bunch of "hipsters" or a clique. You are wrong when you say that these people think they are the gay people. Rather, it's that these are some of the few people who actually volunteer and give up their time to actually represent the community. Do you really think if other people offered their time and talents, they'd be shot down? I beg to disagree. Your rants come across as bitter, begrudging and ultimately pathetic. Why don't you volunteer for Gaze? Why don't you volunteer for BelongTo? No one is going to stop you.

    • Posted By NotCreativeType 21 Jul 2011 23:00

      Oh here comes the twitterati! Would that be the Una Mullaly who wrote this piece for the Tribune featuring Fionn Kidney on the joys of renting in the city centre(link)? Great research there Una and if it gets your "digital marketing consultant and photographer" friend some free publicity in a national Sunday paper sure what harm eh? This is the whole point- there so much incestuousness in this clique who just spend their times stroking each other's egos, going to each other’s parties and writing about it in each other’s blogs (and BTW Una, your comments here hardly demonstrates you have progressed since you were 14). Normal folk are starting to recognise it’s the same people involved in all these things for a reason- they make it that way so that they all benefit (either in jobs or exposure). It's like when that child hipster ran for the Dail (can’t remember his name- the one that looked like Jedward) and the hipsters mobilized into a parade of vacuous slogans with fabulous parties in Andrew's Lane theatre, youtube "viral" videos and "positive messages". Gimme a break- that dude was just trying to raise is profile and if were luck you might even get someone in the Dail who might help fund all these "cooperatives" and "community based projects" that are just to keep out of work hipsters with a diploma from NCAD in iphones and the latest skinny jeans from American Apparel. Loose the fecking halos- people do this because they get something out of it themselves and I for one am SICK of looking at "dickheads" online, in magazines and even on RTE saying they "represent" the gay community when it’s really a small select group representing their own self interest. *breathes*


    • Posted By Cis4Cat 21 Jul 2011 22:53

      The reason Panti posted this video on her blog is to promote GAZE.Of course everyone is entilted to their opinion on the promo video,but if u really want to critic film,then the festival offers over 40 films for you to choose from!Bottom line is the festival is going to be great,so tell ur freinds,bring your Granny and get yourself to GAZE 2011! P.s contary to how it may look, i do not work for GAZE.I am voulnteering for the festival but not to be part of some "inner creative ,im oh so alternative gay circle" just not cool enoughfor that!

    • Posted By Phil Boyle 21 Jul 2011 22:34

      I was one of the DJs at Mother. I know Fionn and I know the people in the video, so I am biased here, but I have nothing but respect for them and the other organisations name checked in the comments below for the amount of work they put in, paid and free, to make numerous events happen for the gay community. Gay Dublin and Gay Ireland would be poorer places without their work. Criticism of the video itself and it's production is perfectly valid. Even I think it would be better if it was edited down by 50%. But I still say fair play for making it. As for Mother, GCN, Pride, BelongTo and Fionn's work, if you don't like them that's fair enough. There are plenty more clubs, magazines, groups and artists to choose from. But if you do want to offer criticism be sincere, honest, and preferably constructive and everyone ends up better off.

    • Posted By Una Mullally 21 Jul 2011 21:24

      Wow, astounded by some of the negativity here! I guess if people who criticised others who are actually doing something used that energy to do something positive themselves then we'd all be in a better place. Then again, it's pretty darn easy to sit on the internet and moan about others anonymously. I did it too. When I was 14. As a voluntary member of the board of GAZE myself, I hope you guys enjoy the brilliant festival this year and appreciate the massive amount of unpaid work, time, energy, imagination and effort everyone involved with the festival put into it. It's going to be one of the best yet, so check out the programme, and get your ticket bookings in early:, and don't forget to pop into the festival club in the Project Arts Centre.

    • Posted By NotCreativeType 21 Jul 2011 20:11

      @ Sean and Rosser- thank you for confirming my point- the GCN/Mother/BeLongTo think they ARE "all of the gay community"- they arent- they are a small clique who give each other jobs and be on each others boards and it is a CLOSED shop. And gimme a break they are not all voluntary- SOME get paid in GCN and BelongTo. Anyway- I have to get ready to go out to a club and take LOTS of pictures and put them on twitter/picassa and make myself seem important. "I play synth, we all play synth..."


    • Posted By JoeT 21 Jul 2011 19:16

      I don't like the promo - who cares, each to their own - but what's with all the criticising people for doing things, getting involved in things they're interested in, and being creative? And I don't know who Fionn is, but there's no law against being a photographer and then becoming a "visual artist". Though to my mind a photographer IS a visual artist anyway. Clearly I don't know enough about this particular corner of the gay/art scene to understand what this is all about, but it comes of as really unnecessarily bitchy, needlessly critical, and personal. Clearly it's a small incestuous corner of the community we've stumbled in to.

    • Posted By Larry 21 Jul 2011 18:47

      Fionn's a nice guy to be honest but that said, he has reinvented himself more times than Madonna. The journey from taking pictures to visual artist in such a short space of time is amusing. I understand the scene is small but it is alarming that it always appears to be the same bunch behind every new creative endeavour coupled with the same friends on every resulting guest list.

    • Posted By Cis4Cat 21 Jul 2011 17:26

      Let the posers pose away,their not hurting anyone!Jeez this is all turning very "American High school politics"....the Jocks vs the arty creative types!lol

    • Posted By Rosser 21 Jul 2011 16:24

      Yeah seriously.. GCN/Pride/BeLongTo/Mother....let's slag off all the people who do voluntary work in the gay community.. ??? Twenty years ago we had none of these groups in Ireland, and it was a seriously shitter place for gays... wake up kids.

    • Posted By Sean 21 Jul 2011 16:15

      GCN/Pride/BeLongTo/Mother crowd? So all the gay community pretty much? lol!

    • Posted By NotCreativeType 21 Jul 2011 16:05

      Wow, this is all getting a bit personal! I will say that there is a bit of a "creative hub" in the Dublin gay community that seem to be scratching each others back the whole time and bigging themselves up on twitter like that thing matters to ANYONE outside of the media/creative sphere. I just see the whole GCN/Pride/BeLongTo/Mother crowd and get turned right off by the wannabe East End LDNers. This video sort of sums of my feeling on the whole brigade.


    • Posted By Richie 21 Jul 2011 15:59

      A lot of the films this year look really deadly in fairness.

    • Posted By E-z 21 Jul 2011 15:12

      Not judging a book by it's cover at all- but it shows a complete detachment from conveying that it's about a film festival at all. I don't think the festival will suffer if this ad is circulated but it's just so off the mark. The festival is great but this is not. The ad probably had a zero budget, true, and for that very reason it should stay out of the hands of self-indulgent Kidney. Hasn't a clue.

    • Posted By Cis4Cat 21 Jul 2011 13:20

      Guys i think you are all missing the point!Gaze is a small orgainsation with an even smaller budget.The point of the Festival is to exhibit queer film and allow budding film-makers the chance to present their work.Dont judge a book by it's cover,I have seen the festival program and im sure it's going to be great!

    • Posted By Daz 21 Jul 2011 12:57

      Agreed, promo is super pants. But don't let that put you off, festival should be great.

    • Posted By Same-O 21 Jul 2011 12:41

      Same old crowd: video by the recently self-proclaimed "visual artist" Fionn Kidney - is there any chance somebody else could have a go for a change?

    • Posted By Shitster 21 Jul 2011 12:13

      Embarrassed for everyone involved in that video. It's such a brutal advertisement for the festival. Shame.

    • Posted By xxl 21 Jul 2011 11:57

      This video is a complete turn off. I think i'll pass on this

    • Posted By Hipster/DJ/VisualArtiste 21 Jul 2011 11:40

      The promo is a tad unusual I must admit, however these folks aren't really hipsters in the strictest sense of the term. They just happen to be friends with the right people or in this case person. I love how Alan Delmar continues to revel in his gender bendery gloriousness though by mixing the beard up with those pencilled-by-the-hand-of-God eyebrows!

    • Posted By Howshit 20 Jul 2011 21:31

      How shit was that promo? Very. The festival is great though.

    • Posted By Evan 20 Jul 2011 20:13

      Ah stop moaning. Looking forward to the festival.

    • Posted By Bubbles 20 Jul 2011 20:04

      That us one shockingly bad promo. I know it was probably made on a pittance but they would have been better off cutting out all the live-action and just using the animation segment.

    • Posted By Christopher 20 Jul 2011 18:54

      I see hipsters. I'm out.

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